Central supervision and energy analysis
(Energy monitoring version)

The basic version of the Enerzy system aims at measuring, recording and analysing the consumptions of the building, in accordance with the procedures specified in the international energy standard ISO 50001.

The measurement is achieved through the installation of state-of-the-art metering devices, which have the ability to communicate directly with the platform via the internet (wireless or wired network) using modern IoT (Internet of things) technologies.

The measurements, after arriving at the EnerZy cloud Platform, are certified and automatically stored in the database, where they are retained fully available for analysis.

The platform offers a variety of tools for analysis and comparison of data, such as Energy Efficiency Reports, Energy Ranking, Benchmarking, Energy Contribution and is designed to take into consideration the flexibility in data input from third party sources too (ERP, CRM, BEMS).

The platform of the EnerZy system is ideal to:

• assist in the management of energy, analyze and optimize the operation of the installations
• measure the performance in multiple standards
• create an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001

The software of the platform is based on the Niagara eXtended (NX) which uses HTML5 technology and the latest safety standards in cyberspace, thus allowing the creation of WEB pages, available on any PC or smart device.

In addition to the analysis of data, the system offers powerful reporting tools. The reports are fully customizable to suit the profile of the relevant recipient and are automatically sent at the time periods the user wishes.

In conclusion, the EnerZy system offers:

• Finding of cost-reduction opportunities
• Improvement of the energy performance and awareness raising of the users
• Minimization of the costs associated with the operation of an energy management system in accordance with EN 50001
• Full transparency in the management of energy resources
• Quick return on investment
• Improved environmental footprint
• Quick and effective data driven decision-making
• Targeted maintenance