Holistic approach to remote monitoring and installation management (BEMS version)

EnerZy system upgraded version is a Unified Integrated Management System which has the ability to collect all necessary information from building’s individual systems and subsystems, under a common collaborative environment that offers full interaction amongst them and at the same time is freely programmable and fully scalable so that any application required scenario can be implemented.

The system is structured in 3 levels:

Level A – Local automation

Local automation consists of Integrator Plant Controllers which have the ability to manage and interact with any equipment inside the building, either through contacts and sensors or through protocols.

The supported protocols are both the open well-known ones like Modbus, Bacnet, KNX etc. and also Danfoss, Notifier etc. closed proprietary ones and along with the development of the respective driver, connection with all E/M equipment is ensured.

Controllers, in addition to interface, offer data collection and storage (Data Acquisition), as well as the possibility of local operations and management via Web Server from any Web Browser, including Smart Phones. There is also the possibility of developing a graphical environment, so that the Man Machine Interface (MMI) is very attractive and friendly to the local user.

A particularly important function that is also achieved via the use of these controllers, is Cross – Application management. By interconnecting all systems related to the building operation under one system, the interaction between the devices is significantly accelerated.

Level B – Connectivity

The connection between controllers and the central platform is made via Ethernet TCP/IP network, both wireless and wired, within the new IoT technologies, with focusing mainly on data transfer security. Controllers incorporate Cyber ​​Security field’s best practices, with features such as Java free access via Web Browser, Signed Firmware, application and communication encryption, role-based access using passwords and finally Audit Log for any action traceability.

Level C – Central management platform

The system, in order to offer an End-to-End solution, is completed with a collaborative platform that improves strategic decision-making, allowing efficiency and energy savings optimization, while incorporating Data Analytics and Business Intelligence functions.

The platform can manage large amounts of data (Big Data) from a variety of different sources (ms excel, SQL, OPC, 3rd Party Software) by creating hierarchies, so as to allow direct and effective access to buildings’ operations.

All of the above, combined with the ability to import data from third-party platforms, offer an integrated environment that can automatically run smart scenarios which significantly improve end user’s comfort, while assisting in maintenance work better organization and cost reduction.

The system, however, does not only add to the fields of operations and savings. By combining financial data obtained by any ERP software, it has the ability to export automated reports addressed to the building Manager, based on which the latter can draw up specific strategies and investment plans for the future (Data Driven Decisions).